All About The Oregon Consortium & Oregon Workforce Alliance

The Oregon Consortium and Oregon Workforce Alliance is a public/private partnership formed on behalf of 24 rural Oregon Counties.

The Oregon Consortium itself is a voluntary partnership of the 24 member counties, formed originally in 1981.

The Oregon Workforce Alliance is a workforce investment board, consists of 48 members (the majority representing the private sector) and was formed in November of 1999. It takes the place of its predecessor, The Oregon Private Industry Council, Inc., which functioned as part of this partnership since 1981.

Organizational Structure

In partnership with the Oregon Workforce Alliance is The Oregon Consortium Board of Directors. It consists of one local elected official from each of the 24 counties within the workforce investment area.

The Oregon Consortium Board of Directors and Oregon Workforce Alliance, together administer programs throughout the 24 county areas via an Administrative Office, located in Albany, Oregon, and a network of local grant recipients and service providers.

The 24 county workforce investment areas include nine regions and within each region, there is a Regional Workforce Investment Board. These smaller versions of the Oregon Workforce Alliance provide local guidance for the development of the regional plan. The Chairs of each of these Regional Workforce Investment Boards are members of the Oregon Workforce Alliance.

Our local service providers have a history and outstanding reputation for providing effective service strategies for dislocated workers, disadvantaged adults, welfare clients and at-risk youth. Additionally, they have been leaders in the development of innovative one-stop service systems, alternative schools, resource rooms and learning centers. 

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