On the Job Training - Another Tool for Employers
(You Hire, You Train, We Pay)

Oregon's Workforce Development System has resources available to put job seekers in jobs with employers who are willing to provide On the Job Training!  On the Job Training offers an outstanding opportunity for for-profit employers to bring on new hires and re-coup a portion of the costs related to new employee training.  The program is available through out the state.  Click here for additional information

Helping Businesses Hire Optimal Employees - PowerPoint

Oregon Workforce Alliance Looks for Leaders to fill Vacancies:

There are several vacancies at this time on the Oregon Workforce Alliance.  If you are a resident in any of our 24 counties, involved with a for-profit business, we encourage you to consider participating as a member of this board which is Helping Rural Oregon Work by setting the direction for the rural workforce system.  For additional information please contact Jennifer Handy, Chief Operations Officer, at the TOC/OWA administrative office.

Why The Oregon Consortium and Oregon Workforce Alliance?

We are committed to ensuring that rural citizens have access to high quality, cost effective and efficient services that meet the needs of businesses by building the skills of the current, transitional and emerging workforce.  This commitment is made with the knowledge that this work will assist individuals to achieve their goals for successful employment and quality lives and will build sustainable, vibrant communities. 

Our strength and ability to deliver on this commitment is vested in the network of rural contractors and partners with whom we invest our resources and with whom we share a unique level of partnership and support.

The focus of both boards and our local contractor / partners  is on building prosperity, as well as effectively connecting individuals to quality services.

To explore current initiatives please visit our Projects page.

What it means for Oregon…

TOC/OWA has built and continues to grow a reliable workforce development system in rural Oregon. We rely on the network of partners and contractors whom we have worked with many years to help nurture the network and to ensure that workforce development services are provided to job seekers in a way that is responsive to the needs of workers, employers and communities.

Services include, but are not limited to, career counseling, training and search assistance. To find out more about services please visit our Partners page.

Our mission is to Help Rural Oregon Workand collectively we are working to accomplish this by assuring that rural citizens, business and industry have the skills necessary, to compete in the global economy.